Daily Routine

Infant/Toddler Room Daily Routine


7:15–9:15 Good Mornings/Small Group*
9:30–10:00 Breakfast
10:00-11:30 Small Group*/Outdoors
11:30-12:00 Lunch
12:00-2:15 Diapering/ Quiet Time /Nap
2:15-2:45 Snack
2:45-4:00 Small Group*/Outdoors
4:00–5:15 Clean Up and Goodbyes

*Small Group is the time when your child is engaged in a teacher-directed activity
with one or two other children. Typical activities include use of art media,
manipulatives (puzzles, lacing cards, pop beads, etc.), sensory
exploration, and social/emotional skills through guided play.

Children will be engaged in a number of activities and
learning experiences throughout the day. Some examples include books, music and
movement, singing, sensory activities, outside time, turn-taking
games, communication and social skills.

*Diapering is always done on an as-needed basis throughout the day and is not
limited to a specific time.